Recent Projects

2013 – ReWork conference, workshop on community architecture, Tobacco Dock, London UK.

2013 – Lecture Serendipity & community architecture, KEA University, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2013 – Lecture to Arne Jacobsen Society, Munkerup, Denmark.

2013 – Meeting Prof. Linagyong Wu Tsinghua University – joint book writing, Beijing, China

2013 – Royal Institute of British Architects portrait of Rod Hackney

2013 – Rod Hackney – ‘Father of Community Architecture’, such as on the occasion when he helped re-launch the original book, “Community Architecture” by Wates and Knevitt, June 2013

2013 – Lord Scarman, referring to Rod Hackney’s book ‘the Good, the Bad and the Ugly’, described him; “An architect who in his century has the qualities Christopher Wren and even Archimedes had in theirs”. Rod Hackney has turned his architectural career to philanthropy

2013 – World Architecture Community recognised Rod Hackney’s sustainability leadership


2013 – Rod Hackney Chair of competitions advisory board on the United Nations backed International Caring Communities Council competition.

2013 – Rod Hackney attendance at World Future Summit conference in Abu Dhabi –

Kansara Hackney through Tia Kansara presents paper on urban design. UAE

2013 – Book, Community Architecture – How people are creating their own environment by Nick Wates & Charles Knevitt.–+How+people+are+creating+their+own+environment+by+Nick+Wates+%26+Charles+Knevitt.&source=bl&ots=DoYsLMOPqR&sig=0HcXZfT1d2bnsZR0jdc22Pl0av8&hl=en&sa=X&ei=-oMQUoSdL6jX0QWpw4D4BA&ved=0CEYQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=Rod%20Hackney%20-%20Community%20Architecture%20–%20How%20people%20are%20creating%20their%20own%20environment%20by%20Nick%20Wates%20%26%20Charles%20Knevitt.&f=false

2012 – Kansara Hackney, through Tia Kansara invited to present an academic poster at the Fulbright conference on Sustainable Cities in Abu Dhabi: Under the Patronage of HH Shaykh Nahyan bin Nahyan

2012 – Rod Hackney Judges the Anti-Malaria competition in Cameroon, Architecture for Health: Archive Global: Architecture For Health in Vulnerable Environments.  Designing houses that prevent malaria.

2012 – Kansara Hackney attendance at Rio+20 Summit, following on from Rod’s attendance in 1992. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Visit to Favelas, meeting Secretary General of United Nations, President Hollande of France, Energy Secretary of the United Nations, Masdar Team, Albert Dubler UIA President, Christian Lepratti, co-curator of Durbanisation

2011 – keynote speaker with Tia Kansara, Societing Summer School, Community Architecture, Cava de Tirreni, Naples, Italy.

Click to access Quaderni_del_Societing_2011.pdf

2011 – Book contributor, ‘Healthy Agriculture, Healthy Nutrition, Healthy People’ with a full chapter by Rod Hackney and Tia Kansara titled, “Healthy People and Homes.” edited by Dr Simopoulos, Washington, USA. World Rev Nutr Diet. Basel, Karger, 2011, vol. 102, pp 244–247 (DOI: 10.1159/000327826 – based on Rod Hackney keynote speaker, World Council of Genetics, Olympia, Greece 2011.


2011 – Rod Hackney organiser and co-facilitator with Tia & Hema Kansara, Kansara

Hackney, 5 day Conference on “Cities of the future 2050”, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.

2011 – keynote speaker, urban slum conservation, Hemudu International Forum, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, China

2010 – keynote with Tia Kansara, ‘housing a human right’, Ankara, Turkey.

2010 – keynote with Tia Kansara, Musashi Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan.

2010 – meeting with Bill Gates ‘community architects in Africa’, Tokyo, Japan

2010  – organiser and co-facilitator with Tia and Hema Kansara, Kansara Hackney Conference on Sustainability for life, Oxford, United Kingdom..

2010 – speaker with Tia Kansara, community architecture, economics and urban

development, Salon de d’Architecture, Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa.

2009 – keynote speaker with Tia Kansara, sustainable slum development, School of Architecture and planning, Costa Rica.

2009 – Advisor with Tia Kansara, UNESCO Havana World Heritage Site, Cuba.

2009 – Book, Dwelling & Architecture, Forward, Jovis Verlag, Germany.

2009 – keynote speaker with Tia Kansara, health and economic convergence, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

2009 – keynote with Tia Kansara, New Delhi School of Planning, India.

2008 – Oxford Debate ‘be the architect of your life’ 14th January, Oxford UK

2008  – Co-founder and director, with Tia Kansara, of Kansara Hackney Limited, UK a sustainable architecture and economics consultancy.

2008  – Registered with World Architecture Community,

2008 – Keynote, Batimat Trade Fair, ‘housing’, Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre, UAE

2007 – Architect, workers accommodation, Dubai Industrial City, UAE.

2007 – keynote speaker, Housing Symposium Riyadh, 20-23rd May, Saudi Arabia.

2005 – Lecture – Istanbul architects Conference, Istanbul, Turkey

2005  – Visiting lecturer, School of Architecture, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

2005 – Competition Judge, new urban housing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2004 – He chaired Good Practice Award, UN-Habitat Dubai 2004

2004 – World Urban Forum, Barcelona. P10, UN Habitat Debate Magazine. Spain

2004 – UN Habitat Debate Magazine December p13, Europe and North America.

2002-08  – Member Royal Institute of British Architects Council, UK

2002 – Teaching tour of Iran with Oxford Brookes University – sustainable urban design lectures in Tehran, Yadz, Fars and Shiraz.

2002 – Architect with Shenzhen School of Architecture, urban housing China

2002 – Honorary Member Architectural Society of China, 4th November, China

2001 – Architects Journal, ‘architecture a basic human right’ p16 6th Dec, UK

2001 – Citation ‘for community architecture’, Moscow architects, 16/17th December, Russia

2001-16 – Quality assured certification with N.Q.A., sustainability, 20th March, UK

2001 – Jury advisor “Architecture & Eau” UNESCO/UIA competition, 18-19 May, Tunisia

2000 – Speaker, ‘Housing, Slums & Urban Design’, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, USA

2000 – Keynote, RAIA Congress, ‘Architecture 2000’, Sydney, Australia

2000 – Stoke Evening Sentinel ‘they are slums to some – homes to others’ July 16th,UK

2000 – Speaker with Rueben Mutiso and other Kenyan architects, Kibera Nairobi slum research, ‘Housing for the Poor’, Nairobi, Kenya.

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